TCMS will go the extra mile to deliver 'more' and exceed Clients expectation. With focused planning, execution, teamwork and creativity we will translate our ideas to impact positively on clients business.

Service Offerings

  • Marketing Consulting
  • Territory/Trade Development Initiatives
  • Experiential Marketing/BTL activities
  • Research & Audit Services

Marketing Consulting

  • Route-to-Market
  • Trade marketing
  • Distributor Management and Financing

Territory/Trade Development Initiatives

  • New Territory development
  • Coverage expansion in existing territories
  • Distributor sell out Plans – attachment of Sales Reps
  • Channels development initiatives – Open Markets, Modern Trade and Groceries
  • De-stocking of slow Moving SKUs
  • Merchandising activities in Open Markets, Modern Trade, Big Groceries, etc.

Experiential Marketing/BTL activities

  • New Product launches
  • Activations/Road Shows/Town storming
  • Product Sampling activities (old and new)
  • In bar promotions
  • Festivals activation
  • Events management

Sales Academy

  • Sales Manager's capability building Programs
  • Recruitment of top quality Sales Managers
  • Sales Staff Out Sourcing programs

Research and audit Services

  • Outlets / Channel audit services
  • Promo audit trails